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One Pint A/S

One Pint A/S imports, distributes and exports quality beers, ciders, soft drinks and delicious specialties from and to most of the world.

Starting with a great passion for craft beers One Pint A/S was founded in 2003 by Nick Sharpe and Henrik Kirkegaard. From April 1st 2016, Henrik Kirkegaard has taken over Nick Sharpe’s shares in One Pint A/S and now owns the company 100%.

With an eye for customer needs when it comes to craft beers and with a nose for good and stable suppliers One Pint A/S has grown steadily over the years while Danish consumers have become increasingly aware of the good beer. The result is that One Pint A/S – starting as a small garage business - now has grown into 25 employees, a large car park with direct distribution and over 400 specialty beers as well as other delicious specialties in the range.

One Pint A/S is a major supplier to those who love wonderful tasting experiences and good quality. Today we can offer some of the world's best brands and products within the business thanks to our suppliers' trust in us as a distributor. A trust, which we appreciate, and which we daily work hard to earn by offering the best and widest selection to our customers. It is our clear mission to continue along this road: One Pint A/S - Beer with passion.


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