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Food and Beer

Beer is as versatile as it is diverse, which can provide both complementary and contrasting experiences when you pair beer with your food. Below is a chart that can help you to get inspired and explore new combinations that will improve your enjoyment of good food and great beer. By the way, don't worry; as long as the food is good and the beer is good, you really can't get it wrong! It's actually possible to choose one great beer and stay with that for all the food courses, including desert!

Don't forget there are many beers suitable for vegans, and gluten-free beers too. Remember perhaps to have alcohol-free or low alcohol beers to hand. All of our special beers for dietary requirements have been chosen on merit. They are taste and quality-wise as good as the other beers we stock.
Types of beer
Lager, Light Ales, Pale Ales, English Stouts
American Lager, Asian rice Lager, Light Lager, Pale Ales
Salads Blonde, Pale Ale, Weissbier, Fruit beer, Witbier, Geuze, Saison
English Brown ale, ESB, Tripel, Asian Lager, Stout
American IPA, Pale Lager, European Pilsner, Tripel, Hefeweisen
Fish Red Ales, Belgian Pale Ale, Export Lager, Pilsner, Witbier
Light Cheese
Strong Cheese
Light beer, pilsner, light wheat, bocks, ESB
Porter/Stouts, IPA, Smoke Beer
Desserts Barley Wine, Eng porter, Lambic, Oatmeal stout, Imp Stout.
Oksekød Red Ales, Red Lager, Brown Ales, Porter/Stouts, Dark Lager, Smoke Beer

Cheers and Bon Appetit!