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Draft (Draught) Beer Assortment

We have no less than 14 different types of beer on draft in stock.
You can choose between Basic, Premium or High Premium.

Basic - Danish Lager.

         Royal  4,6%          Royal Classic  4,6%

Premium  - Better raw materials, real fermentation, fuller flavour and high drinkability.

     Warsteiner  4,8%         Rebel Lys  4,8%        Rebel Mørk 4,7%       Fyns Forår  5%   

High Premium - Should you wish to pamper your guests or customers, and  you appreciate
more complex flavours, then select draft beer from our High Premium range! Not all are shown here, so do ask after your requirements.
         Westmalle                König Ludwig                  König Ludwig                     Belhaven
         Dubbel  7%           Weissbier Hell 5,5%            Dunkel 5,5%             St. Andrews Ale 4,6%

      Fullers Organic                   Fullers                     Greene King              Greene King
      Honey Dew  5%          London Pride 4,7%         Abbot Ale  5%        Old Speckled Hen 4,5%