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Here's how to get exactly what you need.

Guest/Demand                                 Beer/Keg                         Cups/Jugs
Receptions             1 Øl                     30 Liters = 70 beers          Jugs 2 Liter
Family Party         2-3 Øl                    20 Liters = 46                    Cup 40 cl
Small event/ Party          4 Øl
Stag party   5-6 Øl

Depositum/Costs                                Rent                                 Delivery
Kegs                                                     Mobile Bar                         Delivery and Pick-up        
CO2 Bottles                                          Cooling Truck                          
CO2  use per keg                                 Party Trailer   
Plastic beakers      

(All kegs are 30 L. Except Westmalle and Ørbæk Fynsk Forår which are 20 L.)
If you order too much beer - we will refund unopened kegs.