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Beer Types

Beer is not an exact science, so there is not a correct way to give a clear overview of all the different beers available.
Below are given 8 categories, which among other things provides guidelines for the Danish Championships in Beer. It's not exclusive, of course, but will give you an insight into the diverse world of exciting beer.
Light lager
Pilsner, light German lager, Danish pilsner.
Dark lager 
Pilsners of darker types, German, Czech dark lager beer.
Pale Ale  
Ales, where the colour is bright and the taste is bitter and hops are more prominent. English Ales, Kölsch, Belgian Pale Ale, Altbier
Brown Ale Darker and less bitter ale types. British Brown Ale, Belgian brown ale.
Wheat Beer
Brewed from higher amounts of wheat. Belgian and German styles of both bright and dark examples. Everything from Wit to Weisbock.
Stout/Porter Dark Beer of various types, classic porter and stouts, imperial stouts, Irish stout, Baltic porters.
Dark Strong High in alcohol and dark and fruity. Dubbel, Bock, Scottish Strong Ale, Dark Belgian Ales
Light Strong
High in alcohol but bright in colour: Belgian Tripples and Barley Wines.
Fruit beer, spiced beer, smoked beer, Belgian Lambic and more.

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